Energy Monitoring - Case Study


Understanding the load profile of your electrical systems is vitally important in understanding power systems capabilities and can assist in identifying energy usage and opportunities for optimisation and expansion.


Inspec Systems recently performed an energy survey including energy monitoring for a large blue chip pharmaceuticals company considering site expansion. Understanding the current load profile and predicted additional demand was crucial in determining the feasibility of the new project.

Data Logging

Data loggers were fitted to the secondary side of five 11 kV/415 V transformers around the client’s site. These loggers measured:

  • Peak and average current per phase
  • Peak and average power per phase
  • Peak and average power 3 phase
  • Power factor per phase

Utilising split Rogowski coils, this does not normally require any isolation or down time and can be carried out quickly, safely and with minimum disruption.

 Analysis and Reporting

Whilst fitting the loggers and collecting the data is relatively straight forward, interpreting and reporting on the output requires careful and detailed analysis by professional engineers, key outputs include:

  • Peak loading
  • Mean loading
  • Phase balance
  • Available power

What Next?

With an engineering team from graduate to chartered engineers, Inspec Systems have the knowledge, experience, and competency to perform a comprehensive analysis for your installation.

Why not give us a call on 01482 898 080 and speak to our team to see how we can help you.


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