Walking Away The Weekend

After having just returned from our fantastic weekend getaway, we can't help but smile at the memories we created.

Our adventure began promptly at 5pm on Friday, as many of us headed straight over to the Lakes to kick off the festivities! Gathering at the local pub, we wasted no time popping open the fizz, pouring the beers and raising our glasses to the start of an unforgettable weekend.

With the anticipation of Saturday's adventure looming, we managed to exercise restraint and headed back to one of our cottages for a pie and pea supper. While most of us retired early, there were 3 adventurous folk who stayed back in town to soak up the local culture!

Saturday morning greeted us with clear skies, setting the perfect backdrop for our ascent of Catbells and by 9:30 am, we were on the mountain geared up, ready and raring to go.

Most of the team conquered Catbells, while others ventured further and reached High Spy. One group made it as far as the foot of Dale Head, took one look at the climb and decided to take the shorter route back through a valley!

Not wanting to embarrass anyone so naming no names, as a group we found ourselves helping other mountain climbers up the trickier parts of the route with most offering a helping hand at some point, as well as a particular individual (who gained the nickname “the mountain goat” after bouncing up the mountain) even saving a lamb that had become trapped and separated from its mother. Mostly smiles, with the odd grimace, along the way everyone found their level and enjoyed the activity.

Thanks to the preparation and perseverance of all we all made it back in one piece, if a little achy in places and downright sore in others!

After returning from our trek, the afternoon was spent enjoying lunch, sightseeing, and quietly recovering!

Once recharged, we dove into round two of our festivities, with Wray firing up the BBQ and treating us to a well-earned feast. The drinks were once again flowing, and the guitars came out! You can imagine the rest! Frivolities ended at around midnight with the last heading off to bed.

Special mention goes to James, who, fuelled by the spirit of adventure, tackled Catbells once more on Sunday morning while the rest of us slept!

Sunday morning brought a delicious breakfast courtesy of Wray before we bid farewell to the Lake District and returned home, rejuvenated, and filled with fond memories.

Phil Edgerton summed it up perfectly, commenting “The whole weekend was a blinding success and is something we should do more often and would encourage others to do too. It was a lovely reminder that whilst we all get on well as work colleagues, we get on even better out of work (even, or especially, after one or two too many frothy bevvies!!)”.

Phil continued “on behalf of all who attended I would like to thank Wray and Janet for a memorable weekend, and to all who attended thank you for making it so enjoyable”.

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