Bespoke Control Panel

Inspec Systems Ltd were tasked to design and manufacture the control system of a mobile marketing display comprising LED screen array mounted on a flatbed truck. The system which is being codeveloped by Lazenby Group and Anyplace Media Group and features a dual sided 3.5 x 2.0m matrix LED screen capable of been raised to a height of 4.5m (to top of the screen) from ground level.

The system was designed to industry standards including several safety measures:

  • Design and construction to BS EN ISO 60204-1,
  • Safety circuits, designed to BS EN ISO 13849 parts 1 and 2,
  • Inclination sensor, interlocked with the elevation function on over tilt,
  • Wind speed anemometer, interlocked with the elevation function in high winds,
  • 'Hold-to-run' controls, utilised to ensure an operator is present while the screen is moving, mitigating the chance of any persons becoming trapped

Design challenges faced include:

  • Cable entry system developed due to the installation location utilising an array of plugs and sockets which gave the added benefit to the end-user of allowing simple connection / disconnection for assembly and maintenance.
  • The available space on the vehicle limited the size of the control panel requiring optimisation of the panel layout whilst ensuring the manufacturer's instructions for mounting and spacing (to allow for sufficient air flow) were maintained.

The system generates warnings locally indicated via panel mounted indication and via GSM modem as a text message via e-mail.

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Big and small, we can manufacture bespoke control panels whether designed internally, or by the customer. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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